Installing gimp from ports, need a GTK+, what port is it

af300wsm at af300wsm at
Tue Nov 25 07:05:05 PST 2008

On Nov 23, 2008 8:38pm, Michael Johnson <ahze at> wrote:
> The version of gtk you have installed is too old. Upgrade to the latest  
version of x11-toolkits/gtk2
> Michael

Thanks again. Last night I upgraded GTK 2.<something> using portupgrade and  
that was the last package the gimp was complaining about. gimp completed  
the install last night just fine. I was confused about what was the right  
package because the gimp install was saying that the gtk+ package wasn't  
present, but the only thing listed as gtk+ was a theme management package  
when doing a pkg_info.

I'm hoping for some clarification on something. Is GTK+ a subset of GTK  
2.x? Are they one in the same? If so, why are they known by two different  
names if they are the same thing?


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