Help with install, Have checked forum

Dan Champagne champagne_dan at
Sun Nov 23 11:49:15 PST 2008

Hello, I have been using the forums, google, your documents, and any other source to try and get freeBSD 7.0 installed on my system, i have tried the rearranging the IDE, DVDRom, Im using the ISO from your site, I get through some of the install, I keep getting a geometry error and let freebsd fix it, then i get a really crappy error when i think its going to actually mount and install the files, 

Error mounting /dev/acd0 on /dist: Input/Output eror (5)

Any help would be appreciated, because now im at a friends sending this email, because I now have no OS.  I have a 1.78Ghz celeron single core, 2gb ram, 160 Western Digital IDE HDD, PCI graphics(onboard disabled) and a DVD/CD burner

Thanks Dan.

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