FreeBSD on Cisco IDS 4235

Peter peterpub2 at
Sun Nov 23 06:10:40 PST 2008


I am trying to install FreeBSD 7.0 on Cisco IDS 4235(pentium III 1.2
Ghz, 1 GB ram, the device seems quite simialr to Dell PowerEdge 1750
Server). However BTX loader dies with this message(see screenshot here:

I tried with both ACPI and Safe mode but still no luck.

Other operating systems I tried:

Debian - installs just fine
FreeBSD 6.3 - installs just fine
NetBSD 4 - installs just fine
FreeBSD 7.1 FAILS, even at earlier stage than 7.0, on loader stage.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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