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Daniel Molina Wegener dmw at
Fri Nov 21 10:02:17 PST 2008

pwn escribió:
> algouth this is not a freebsd specific text, i need to format some texts 
> under freebsd for they appear in the center of the page when opened in a 
> browser, but i dont want to use HTML for format them, i just want to add 
> tabulation to my *.txt.
> what software/tool can i use for format my *.txt? there is command on 
> VIM like "set textwidth" but this is not suitable for me. any help i 
> appreciate.
> i add an example on a temporary host for make sure all understand.
> (i need to format the text for he appear like the example good.txt)
 > [SNIP]

Well, try par, it's a port, use portinstall, pkg_add or another tool
to install it:

I was using it with vim and mutt to format mail some years ago ;)

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