PXE Boot - Silent kernel dmesg output

Brian A. Seklecki bseklecki at collaborativefusion.com
Fri Nov 21 09:08:43 PST 2008


Has anyone experience a PXE boot problem on amd64 (Dell PowerEdge 850,
1850, DRAC4, DRAC5) where kernel dmesg output is suppressed on VGA

I've tried kernels, mfsroot, and pxeboot from 6.4-RC2, 6.3-PLX, 7.1-B2

I've verified stock /boot/device.hints, /defaults/loader.conf,
and /boot/loader.conf are in place on my NFS export.

Here's a slightly ambiguous screenshot:

  Note: Its hard to tell, but the spindle has already become a block

We used to see this in early 6.x days and assumed it was a bum bPXE
configuration on the server-side; eventually mfsroot would get loaded
and sysinstall(8) welcome would be the first thing displayed after the
2nd stage boot loader.

Breaking out of the loader reveals: 

Very very strange...

I'm going to have a look at tcpdump(8) on NFS reads to my export and
determine if it is indeed actually reading loader.conf(5).

However, the system-wide defaults w/o loader.conf + loader.rc +
boot.conf shouldn't prohibit kernel VGA console output.

Brian A. Seklecki <bseklecki at collaborativefusion.com>
Collaborative Fusion, Inc.

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