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On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 02:35:19PM -0800, Nerius Landys wrote:

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> > I've being using FreeBSD ever since 6.0 and I am a very good fan. But I got
> > a new laptop computer, a Sony VAIO VGN-BX760 that has a hidden recovery
> > partition. I've tried all my best to install FreeBSD 7.0 on it but when ever
> > I insert the installation CD and it boots from the cdrom, the kernel does
> > not come up. Instead, I got this bunch of digits just scrolling down my
> > screen indefinitely. The laptop came with a windows XP OS and I am trying to
> > dual boot. I want to use the recovery partition for my FreeBSD.
> >
> >
> I am acquainted with the scrolling digits problem.  I installed FreeBSD 7.0
> onto a server machine which did not have a built-in CDROM drive.  Instead, I
> hooked up a USB CDROM drive and tried to boot from it.  This is when I got
> the scrolling digits problem.  After asking about this problem on the
> forums, if I remember correctly, the answer seemed to be that booting from
> USB CDROM drive is not supported.  My fix was to temporarily hook up an IDE
> CDROM drive and boot from that.  I'm not sure what the situation with your
> laptop is.
> By the way, if you are installing a dual boot, wouldn't it make sense to
> shrink the Windows partition first to make more room on the hard drive, then
> add a new partition?  There are tools that can shrink a Windows partition
> easily.

I wondered about that too.   But, I figured that if the OP couldn't
even get something to boot, he had to get past that first.

Partition Magic (version 7.0 only, - version 8.0 is junk) will do fine
except for USB devices/disk.     But, I would suggest downloading and
burning the gparted CD image and using that to shring the MS slice.


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