Milter compile problem [OT]

Efren Bravo efrenba at
Thu Nov 20 13:37:22 PST 2008


I cant compile my filter, the error is:

/usr/home/efrenba/C_Plus/mpolice/src/mpolice.cpp:63: undefined reference to `smfi_setconn'

Im working with PC-BSD 1.41 (FreeBSD pcbsd 6.3-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 6.3-PRERELEASE #2) and KDevelop.

I checked the #include "libmilter/mfapi.h and I think that is ok:
pcbsd# ll /usr/include/libmilter/
total 24
-r--r--r--  1 root  wheel  16588  7 nov  2007 mfapi.h
-r--r--r--  1 root  wheel   4727  7 nov  2007 mfdef.h


Thanks in advance,
Efren Bravo.


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