hardware compatibility question: intel e7200 + foxconn g31mg-s mobo

freebsd at dreamchaser.org freebsd at dreamchaser.org
Wed Nov 19 16:49:52 PST 2008

After having been burned with an AMD cpu/mobo combination that wouldn't run 
6.x reliabably which I consequently had to sell, I'm going to ask first.

My search of the archives (questions and hardware) came up empty, but that 
seems likely given that both say their archive index was last updated clear 
back in Feb of 2007, despite the note saying they are updated every 24 hours...

Can anyone vouch for running 6.x or 7.0 on an intel e7200 with a foxconn 
g31mg-s mobo?

I was hoping to run this as a low power system but after reading this

and my past experiences I'm a bit concerned unless someone can vouch for it.

Barring that, can someone suggest a low power (particularly when idle) core 
2 duo processor mobo combination?



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