newb questions

Paul Cartwright ale at
Wed Nov 19 05:16:41 PST 2008

ok, so I got this freebsd server up and running, even able to ssh to it.

1. when I run startx it auto logs me in on a minimal gui ( twm?). I installed 
gnome, I think, and want to log in using gnome, how do I change that?

2. I cannot su - to root, it says sorry. pam_group didn't seem like the 
answer, or I didn't read  it right. How can I su to root from my account?
Is there anything special to able to do that from ssh?

3. the boot loader... This server has 2 drives, and I already had w2k server 
on drive 1, and ubuntu-server on drive 2. when I boot, I now get options for 
F2-DOS ( win2k boots) and F5 disk0/1. I can't seem to find any option for my 
ubuntu OS. Is there a way to change that bootloader option to 
add /dev/sdb6-ubuntu?

maybe I was looking in the wrong documentation, if any/all of this is in the 
docs, which one? the handbook?

Paul Cartwright 

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