FreeBSD Media Center

andrew clarke mail at
Tue Nov 18 19:56:09 PST 2008

On Tue 2008-11-18 17:06:44 UTC-0500, michael (michael.copeland at wrote:

>> 550 MHz will be a bit slow for playing DivX/XviD movies, especially if
>> they're high definition (beyond 640x480 approx).  Presumably Windows
>> is installed on it at the moment, so you can give the Windows version
>> of VLC a test run.
>> The RAM & HDD specs are fine.  Provided the laptop's integrated video
>> and networking is supported, you should be good to go.
> Actually, an AMD k6-2 450 will play over 720 resolution divx. mplayer  
> with a proper cache setting and enough ram helps massively.

Ah, I use mplayer occasionally but never -cache setting.  What do you
use on the K6-2 450?


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