Running X without a videocard

Gary Hartl ghartl at
Tue Nov 18 17:14:47 PST 2008

Whoa this is way beyond me I think...can you direct me to a howto or the

X11 over SSH good lord....i'm out of touch with *NIX..
Am i to understand that i could run a pretty nice (not gnome or kde) but one
of the less intense interfaces over ssh (this is on an internal network so
connection speed isn't an issue.

6 years, and I have admin alzheimers'   



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On Tue, Nov 18, 2008, Gary Hartl wrote:
>Hi all;
>More questions...
>I am running FBSD-stable 6.0 on some Sun Netra X1's so it is sparc64.
>There is no video card on these puppies.  But I seem to recall that we ran
>solaris X using WinAXE or VNC or something like that 
>I'm wondering if it is possible to do the same with FBSD.

You should be able to run X clients on the remote machine easily
via ssh.  There's no requirement for video cards, only that the
appropriate X11 software be installed on the remote system.

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