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Tue Nov 18 11:23:45 PST 2008

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 02:18:13PM +0100, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> >By constantly repeating that UNIX is no Windows replacement you are
> and i will repeat it because it's true. it's every other unix replacement.

It did a quite admirable job of replacing MS Windows for me.  I don't
know why you're so down on it.

> as linux tries for many years to be windows replacement - it's both low 
> end unix and low end windows replacement, "windows for poor".

Replacing MS Windows is not the same as becoming MS Windows.  Ubuntu has
been pursuing the specter of MS Windows feature parity for a while, and
as a result has become something I have no interest in touching.
Meanwhile, PC-BSD has been pursuing the goal of *replacing* MS Windows,
which is not at all the same thing as *becoming* MS Windows, and it seems
to be doing a great job of that without adopting MS Windows' flaws.  The
only limitation on the quality of PC-BSD, in my experience, seems to be
KDE, but I've long since given up caring about the default GUI facade on
open source OSes, since they *all* use KDE or GNOME (except a rare few
that use XFCE by default, when they want something "light").

KDE and GNOME (and even XFCE) are frighteningly bloated user environments
that seem lightweight only in comparison with the even more awfully huge
and lumbering GUIs of MS Windows and Apple MacOS X -- so I just take it
as a given that every OS in the world uses something bloated and
cumbersome for its GUI, and resolve to either not install the GUI (if
that's an option) or uninstall the GUI after the system is installed,
then install something different in its place.  In other words, there's
basically no escaping the problems inherent in something like KDE, GNOME,
or even XFCE if you go with default GUI setup -- but aside from that,
PC-BSD is doing an excellent job of becoming the definitive MS Windows
replacement OS without adopting MS Windows problems.

. . . and, as I said, FreeBSD is a great MS Windows replacement for me.
I don't miss MS Windows *at all* when I'm using FreeBSD on my laptop
every single day.

Chad Perrin [ content licensed PDL: ]
Quoth Larry Wall: "What is the sound of Perl?  Is it not the sound of a
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