FreeBSD and hardware??

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Tue Nov 18 11:20:11 PST 2008

>> versus linux - of course, versus windows - it's different OS, we should
>> define how do you compare. for example running windows apps under FreeBSD
>> with wine will probably be slower than under windows.
> This is not as constant a truism as one might think.  I haven't run much
> software in Wine, but what I have has performed comparably with how it
> did on MS Windows, for the most part.  The one case where I could even

very possible. i'm even sure it could work better when good filesystem I/O 
and VM performance is required. but it may work slower in many cases.

i used wine to run demoscene prods - usually it works slower than in 

>> compatible OS, running windows programs, windows installers, but being
>> much better and faster.
> Why the hell would I want "windows installers"?  The Microsoft model of

to be able to just put say - M$ Office or Corel Draw or whatever CD , 
click install and get installed

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