FreeBSD and hardware??

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Tue Nov 18 08:53:59 PST 2008

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 10:54:48AM -0500, Dan wrote:

> Wojciech Puchar(wojtek at 16:51:16 +0100:
> >>
> >> Have you used, erm... Linux? Both Linux and FreeBSD run pretty much at
> >> hardware level. You benchmark either, you'll get very close results in
> >
> > for benchmarks doing same thing over and over, or same thing in parallel  
> > linux can even be better.
> >
> > but try running many different tasks in parallel under linux. FreeBSD  
> > flies, while linux chokes.
> Can you point out some places on the web that confirm this?

I can't point this out between Linux and FreeBSD, but back a few 
years ago, when I was involved in benchmarking high performance
systems for purchase here, we found this to often be the case.
Some systems just screamed on certain very parallel tasks, but
practically came to a halt when a mix of tasks were run or even
when trying to edit a script while things were running.   Others
were slightly less hot on the highly specialized tasks, but did
well - much better - on the mix.  We chose the system that handled
the mix - which ran a BSD UNIX by the way, although a proprietary
version as did most back then.

Anyway, so, even though I haven't compared FreeBSD and Linux, I am
not surprised to hear someone say there is this sort of difference.
It is possible.   Someone might investigate further and put out
some verifiable numbers.


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> > that's why i don't like benchmarks.
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