OMSA Live CD, DSET and FreeBSD based Dell 2950 Server?

VeeJay maanjee at
Tue Nov 18 07:41:12 PST 2008

Hello there,

To diagnose and solve a Disk Encluser issue, I am advised to run two

1. Run OMSA live CD on the Server? Since, OMSA Live CD is linux based, I am
just wondering if it will work or not?
2. Run Dell's DSET Tool, which is also for Linux systems....

And seeking your comments in this regards:

*Server Configuration with FreeBSD 7.0*
*2 x PE2950 III Quad Core Xeon E5450 3.0GHz,2x6MB,1333FSB
*Riser with PCI Express Support (2x PCIe x8 slots; 1x PCIe x4 slot)
PE2950 English rack power cord
PE2950 Bezel Assembly
*16GB (8x2GB Dual Rank DIMMs) 667MHz FBD
6 x 450GB SAS 15k 3.5" HD Hot Plug*
PE2950 III - Chassis 3.5HDD x6 Backplane
*PERC 6/i, Integrated Controller Card x6 backplane
*CD/DVD Drive Cable
PE2950 III Redundant Power Supply No Power Cord
Rack Power Distribution Unit Power Cord
TCP/IP Offload Engine 2P
Broadcom TCP/IP Offload Engine functionality (TOE) Not Enabled
Drac 5 Card
*PE2950 III C5 MSS R10 Add-in PERC 5/i / 6/i


BR / vj

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