KDE Login Manager leaves unexpectedly (3)

Pieter Donche Pieter.Donche at ua.ac.be
Mon Nov 17 12:33:16 PST 2008

Second Addendum at the end:

On Mon, 17 Nov 2008, Pieter Donche wrote:

> In FreeSBD 7.0, set up KDE 3.5.
> I want to change settings in KDE Settings/SystemAdministration / LoginManager 
> (no shutdown possibility for a non-root privilege user)
> This asks for the root password, I enter the correct root password,
> click OK, and that dialog window closes and I back in the desktop ...
> Why ???
> (the root password is certainly correct, if I change a letter, I get 
> Incorrect Password; try again)
> I can choose 'ignore' and continue with non-root privileges, but when
> I want to change something that requires root privileges, same dialog
> box and when entering correct password, the dialog window closes...

When I first click at the bottom, the button 'Adminstrator Mode'
same dialog box, that closes at correct root password, but I am still
left in  non-root privileges (although there is now a red line arround
the dialog window) but most of the settings that one should be able to
change are grey .. because I still am not yet in root-privilege mode

the user I was logged in which is part ot the group wheel
(I a terminal window I can do aan su -, give the root paswsword and
have all root privileges)

Addendum 2:

I tried with checking the 'remember password' in the dialog window
and entered the root paswoord. the window closes as before but at any
next try, I get nothing at all any more: Settings / System Administration 
/ LoginManager shows a dancing icon for 20 seconds and then
disappears, leaving me in the desktop (probably because of the same
non-responsiveness to a correctly.

How to remedy all this ???

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