FreeBSD not stable enough for Xen environments?

N.J. Thomas thomas at
Mon Nov 17 09:57:23 PST 2008

* Redd Vinylene <reddvinylene at> [2008-11-14 17:32:34+0000]:
> > depends on how they do their installs, i know of a couple hosting
> > companies doing it already
> Hey! Which ones?

Chiming in another rec for RootBSD as well. I've been a customer of
theirs for a few months now and very pleased with their service. (Apart
from being a customer, I have no other affiliation with them.)

To respond to what another poster said on this thread about their clock,
I've not seen any problems with the clock on my RootBSD Xen system. I do
run the ntpd in base and on average, my clock is usually only about 15ms
away from "true UTC".


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