Brian Whalen brian at brianwhalen.net
Mon Nov 17 09:27:23 PST 2008

Manolis Kiagias wrote:
> It all depends on the programs you run, your configuration, system 
> load and so on. Bugs that may be present in the system, may simply not 
> be applicable to you, if you are not using the specific part or 
> feature that has the problem.  While it is difficult to assess without 
> knowing specific details, I think 7.1 is generally stable at the 
> moment. Maybe people using it in production servers (if any) can step 
> in and share their experiences.
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I'm running a 7.1 prerelease from 10-31 on a dual core amd AM2 for mail 
with spamassassin, postfix, and procmail with a few virtual domains.  So 
far, the only issue I've had is that some new device support was added 
causing the drive number to change, that was an easy fix once I saw what 
the issue was.


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