CARP-Like Solution With Machines On Different Networks?

Alex Kirk alex at
Mon Nov 17 08:16:48 PST 2008

Hello All,

I'm attempting to put a redundant fail-over system in place for a  
machine that I manage for a non-profit organization of modest budget.  
For the time being, I'm most interested in having MySQL and HTTP  
connections roll over to a backup system in the event that the primary  
machine goes down for some reason, and then return control to the  
primary box once it returns - nothing particularly fancy.

After doing some research on the matter, it looks like CARP would be a  
winning solution - but only if the backup system was on the same  
network segment as the primary box. Given that there's no money to  
colocate a second backup system at the same facility as the main  
machine (and protection against failure at the colo facility is one of  
the primary drivers for the failover setup), however, it looks like  
CARP wouldn't be useful.

That said, are there any solutions which behave similarly to CARP that  
I could use for a pair of machines connected solely via the Internet?  
For now, I'd even be happy if there was some way to simply do TCP  
port-level proxying, so to speak (i.e. connections come in to a given  
machine, and are proxied to the main system if it's up, but go to the  
backup box if not)?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

Alex Kirk

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