How can rsync with ssh be used on a non standard ssh port

eculp at eculp at
Mon Nov 17 04:02:34 PST 2008

Vincent Hoffman <vince at> escribió:

> eculp at wrote:
>> I need to use rsync for backup to another machine using a nonstandard
>> port for ssh. 722.

>> I've tried many variants but none have worked.  Any suggestions would
>> be greatly appreciated.
> Hi,
> -e 'ssh -p722' should do it in theory
> I'm not certain if rsync over ssh honours the SSH_CONFIG(5) file(s) it
> should do though. If so it could also be added on a per host basis there.
> something like
> Host
> Port 722
> User myuser
> IdentityFile /path/to/custom/key
Hi Vince,

I tested the ssh_config changes and indeed they work beautifully and  
give me an added layer of flexibility.  This certainly seems to be the  
optimal solution for for different host configurations  without having  
to change remote scripts.

I hadn't even considered it.  Again DUH! Hello!

I can't thank you enough.


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