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On Mon, 17 Nov 2008 01:20:47 +0100
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> why not learn from where it went wrong and do it better?
> If FreeBSD becomes popular we'll have to deal with it sooner or later
this is possibly good advice, but i think that wojciech makes a valid
warning and, imho, i think it is inappropriate to suggest he is
trolling simply because he is repeating a his point (as some others

while there may be some benefit to freebsd becoming 'popular', it would
be unfortunate if it did so in the way windoze or even certain linuxes
have become 'popular'.

imho, it is better to stay small offering quality and bring others up
to a standard, rather that walking down the windoze-wannabe lane.

we tried various linuxes, openbsd, netbsd and found them all good in
many respects (we tried windoze too for that matter and even liked
win95 and win98 a decade ago), but we settled on freebsd for both our
server and our desktop (my son uses ubuntu because of certain graphic
and hardware advantages) because we found it cleaner and simpler. (so i
don't get to do some things that i could on say kubuntu, i still prefer
freebsd. i don't use a desktop for instance, i use dwm instead.)

personally, while having 'goodies' may be nice, maintaining the
integrity of an os (and i'm not talking about coding), seems to me to
be more important.

and of course one of the best things about freebsd is the tone of this
list. people here are both helpful and honest, the 2 do not have to be
mutually exclusive.

i see no reason why freebsd needs to imitate something it doesn't want
to be just to offer goodies and grab more followers.

In friendship,

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