re changing from vista

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sun Nov 16 13:57:55 PST 2008

>> simply reading FreeBSD handbook will be the best move for the beginning.
>> But it is NOT windoze replacement.
> It is if you put it on the system instead of MS-Win stuff.
> It will totally replace it if you use fdisk to create a FreeBSD slice

no need for slices. i don't create slices on any system.

> and then partition that slice and install FreeBSD.   Win will be totally
> gone and the user will be merrily using something better.
> Of course, if the user had said he wanted something like Vista to
> run on his machine, then it wouldn't fit that category.  But that is
> not what he said.
but exactly what he expected. and you know this.

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