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Sun Nov 16 12:16:23 PST 2008

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>>> and subscribe. is having as much "users" as possible really good for
>>> FreeBSD? i don't think so.
>> There's no law or even a policy against i...ts using FreeBSD.
> OF COURSE. but how usable such forum be for "specialists" (i mean just 
> someone bit advanced)?
> will it be separate forum or integrated with THIS mailinglist?

It's independent of the mailing lists -- there's a feed of the News 
articles that appear here:
plus Security Advisories and (I think) Errata notices from the RSS 
channels on the web site, but that's about it.  So far.

Having a larger user-base is definitely a good thing.  That means 
attracting complete beginners by what ever means work, since today's
Noob is potentially tomorrow's elite Kernel programmer.  If the FreeBSD 
project can make itself accessible through all of the sort of web-based 
tools now generally popular, so much the better for the future of the 

Not that I expect the forums to consist entirely of questions on the 
level of 'Which one is the "any" key?' So far the standard of questions 
and answers appears to be at least on a par with the general traffic on 
this list.  Early days yet but the auguries are good. 



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