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On Sat, Nov 15, 2008 at 01:19:57AM -0500, dan-freebsd-questions at wrote:
> > isn't the "main reason" because other shells may reside on a filesystem
> > which isn't necessarily mounted in maintenance/single user mode? Or, libraries
> > for the same?
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> > Jim Pazarena  fquest at
> Just link the shell of your choice statically and put it somewhere in /.
> Problem solved. Why doesn't FreeBSD ship bash and other shells besides
> the `sh' linked statically is beyond me. It wouldn't break ports, would
> it?

It does break ports.  Very, very badly.  I know because I've personally
attempted replacing /bin/sh with bash as a "I have a weekend to spare"

The topic of bringing bash into BSD as /bin/sh has been discussed in the
past many, many times.  It's always a heated discussion.  We went
through the same thing discussing bringing tcsh in (remember, /bin/csh
is tcsh).

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