make doesn't know how to make KERNCONF

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Sat Nov 15 07:25:13 PST 2008

[Oops; I sent an earlier version of this message before I had finished it.]

Chris St Denis <chris at> writes:

> Gerardo Paredes wrote:
>> Hello, i have a problem compiling a custom kernel on a AMD 850 MHZ Processor, however on the last stage  it fails with the following message:
>> make doesn't know how to make KERNCONF
>> the command i run is:
>> cd /usr/src
>> make buildkernel KERNCONF=MIO
>> where MIO is my kernel configuration file, living at /usr/src/sys/i386/conf
>> why it is failing with that error??
>> Regards,
>> Gerardo Paredes

> What shell are you using? That syntax should be fine for csh, but if
> you are using something like bash you may need to change the syntax.

No, the shell isn't interpreting anything in that command line (the
variable assignment is interpreted by make itself), so the command is
fine.  Maybe the sources aren't completely installed?  If I were trying
to exercise my psychic technical support powers, I might guess that the
system makefiles weren't installed.

Question to the original poster: how did you install the sources?

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area

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