Looking information about CF files of LPD

Martin Alejandro Paredes Sanchez mapsware at prodigy.net.mx
Fri Nov 14 22:42:08 PST 2008

El Vie 14 Nov 2008, Garance A Drosehn escribió:
> There's some RFC for it, but pretty much nobody implements CF-files
> in the exact way that is described in the RFC.  I doubt it was ever
> described in any detail in the FreeBSD handbook, but it may have
> been in some of the books which have been written for the BSD's.
> You may have seen the comments I wrote up in one of the source files
> for lpr (common_source/ctlinfo.c):
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/~checkout~/src/usr.sbin/lpr/common_so
> Scan down for the comment:
>    "Control-files (cf*) have the following format"
> That's probably not complete, but it's whatever I felt was worth
> noting when I wrote that source file.


I also remeber where I see it
It was in the man page of LPD


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