GRUB: Filesystem type unknown (ufs2)

Unga unga888 at
Thu Nov 13 03:16:41 PST 2008

--- On Thu, 11/13/08, Jeremy Chadwick <koitsu at> wrote:

> How about asking the GNU GRUB folks if GRUB 0.97 supports
> UFS2?
It seems some old version of GRUB on a old version of FreeBSD has worked:

> Also, GRUB is up to 1.96, and does work with amd64.  The
> port is
> horribly outdated.
I don't mind try GRUB 1.96. The problem is I have never used GRUB2 and I have no idea how to configure it. Is there a good notes/documentation on how to use  GRUB2? What I need basically is where to put files (eg. stage1, stage2 and *_stage1_5 of GRUB1 in /boot/grub/.) and a sample configuration file. Anyway meanwhile I'll try to find some documentation.

I got my file from above location.



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