FreeBSD 5.4 - filesystem full

Varshavchick Alexander alex at
Thu Nov 13 03:02:19 PST 2008

On Wed, 12 Nov 2008, Adrian Penisoara wrote:

>  What kind of applications are you running on the machine ? Are they
> mmap'ing files on the filesystem in quesiton (which one ?) ?

mainly apache, sphinx's search daemon and several perl scripts

>  AFAIR even if you delete a big file the disk space may not be
> reclaimed if a process still has the file open.

but even if you run df -ki in the exact moment of when the filesystem full 
messages are appearing in the logs, it reports of having 40G free and a 
lot of free inodes.

>  If you reboot the machine or restart some of the applications, does
> the issue disappear ?

after rebooting during several days the issue doesn't arise, then it 
repeats again.

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