virtualbox networking setup

Paul Cartwright ale at
Wed Nov 12 11:15:27 PST 2008

I'm new to the group, and I'm new to setting up VirtualBox guest hosts.
right now I have a Debian linux box, and I setup Virtual box. I installed 
FreeBSD on it, but I can't seem to get the networking to work. I tried to 
rerun sysinstall, but I'm not sure what options to change or why it isn't 
working. I have the command line terminal window up, but in the virtualbox 
window, I cannot copy & past to here, so I can't paste the ifconfig info..
it does say inet, but it does say UP, BROADCASTING...

I looked at the usermanual, but I didn't see anything about actually setting 
up the network, using DHCP...
I hae a home network, with a router, gateway, and my desktop is 
in that subnet 192.168.10.x
not sure what to do now...

I grew up with AT&T UNIX SYS V, but it's been a few years:)
Paul Cartwright
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