Server Freezing Solid

Bob McConnell rvm at
Wed Nov 12 09:52:03 PST 2008

On Behalf Of Steve Bertrand
> Michael Powell wrote:
>> Chris Maness wrote:
>> [snip]
>>>> For this reason, I'd advise that either you leave the PC unplugged
>>>> 10 minutes or so after you've cleaned it to let any residual
>>>> dry, or purchase an inline water filter.
>> Should always put a drier on a compressor. You'll learn the hard way
if you
>> invest in pneumatic tools; you will kill them if you don't.
> can I convince my wife that I need new tools when my
> existing ones last forever?

Well, if you actually used them once in a while, and even did something
she found useful, they wouldn't last so long and she wouldn't complain
so loudly (B^).

Bob McConnell

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