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> I've been biting my tongue about this because I'm not sure that I can 
> offer
> any help or useful suggestions, but here goes...
> What on earth is going on with release scheduling?

On november 3, Ken Smith wrote:
"The second Release Candidate for FreeBSD 6.4 is now available.  FreeBSD
6.4-RC2 should be the last of the public test builds for the FreeBSD 6.4
release cycle.  Unless a big show-stopper is found from this round of
testing we should begin the 6.4-RELEASE builds in about a week and a
half.  We encourage you to test out 6.4-RC2 and report any problems by
submitting PRs or via email to the freebsd-stable list."

Accoording to this Releaese engineering is making the 6.4-RELEASE at this 
very moment.
After finishing this release I think they will turn to the 7.1-RELEASE.


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