Any help about FreeBSD & Dell's Troubleshooting Tool DSET

Sérgio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi at
Wed Nov 12 08:20:19 PST 2008


I have used the PERC on dells 2900 & 2950

they are trick pieces of hardware
and can easyly wipe out the contents of your
disk drive on the CTRL-R screen (setup screen).

the best configuration I used is to use RAID-0 (no raid)
on the controller and g mirror on the FreeBSD (that is I use
the mirror in software) mainly because the Freebsd kernel
is, in this manner, can detect problems with the drivers
and so, can act on it....
1) attach a new drive on your controller (this drive will be erased...)
2) put the drive in another VD (on the control-r screen)....
3) attach the drive... 
4) format it in the running freebsd....
5) put your data on the drive (using tar....)
6) shutdown the computer, save the drive....
7) mount the other drivers using raid-0  
8) re-install freebsd using g-mirror (see freebsd documentation...)
9) remount the saved drive on the controller now using the Foreing
10) boot freebsd, mount the drive restore the sistem and be happy....

Hope that it can help

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