Release schedules

Jonathan McKeown jonathan at
Wed Nov 12 05:51:39 PST 2008

On Wednesday 12 November 2008 14:01:47 Roland Smith wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 12:59:24PM +0200, Jonathan McKeown wrote:
> > I've been biting my tongue about this because I'm not sure that I can
> > offer any help or useful suggestions, but here goes...
> >
> > What on earth is going on with release scheduling?
> Two words: volunteer project

Oh, I fully understand that, which is why I also asked whether there's 
anything I can do to help, with my meagre abilities and resources. This 
wasn't intended to demean the efforts of the release team at all; it was more 
a plea for better communication when delays start to accumulate.

> I would propose to do away with the release schedule altogether, or make
> it very succinct;
>   next release: when it's done.

Yes - but is it not possible to estimate (and as a long-suffering sysadmin, I 
know I'm on shaky ground here after some of the estimated schedules I've 
given my management and my users!) roughly how far off we are? Even the old 
todo list on the website offered some guide.

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