FreeBSD Mpd5 PPTP Connection

Marcel Grandemange thavinci at
Wed Nov 12 00:53:03 PST 2008

Unfortunately it's not that easy.


I copy pasted example for a pptp client from the example file and it
wouldn't connect.

Under further investigation I found out it's because the example tries to
connect without encryption/compression even without an authentication type.



What I did find out is the unit im trying to connect to requires mschapv2
with stateless mppe 128.


After searching for other sections in the config file with examples for
setups like this is I built following config..





# PPTP client: only outgoing calls, auto reconnect,

# ipcp-negotiated address, one-sided authentication,

# default route points on ISP's end



        create bundle static B1

        set ipcp ranges


        set iface enable tcpmssfix

        set ipcp yes vjcomp


        create link static L1 pptp

        set link action bundle B1


# Allow peer to authenticate us

        set link enable chap-msv2

        set link accept chap-msv2


# Enable Microsoft Point-to-Point encryption (MPPE)

        set bundle enable compression

        set ccp yes mppc

        set mppc yes e40

        set mppc yes e128

        set bundle enable crypt-reqd

        set mppc yes stateless



        set link yes acfcomp protocomp


        set auth authname myusernamehere

        set auth password mypasswordhere

        set link max-redial 0

        set link mtu 1460

        set link keep-alive 20 75

        set pptp peer theiphere

        set pptp disable windowing




However this doesn't work either.


First of all I get following errors on load of mpd5:


Multi-link PPP daemon for FreeBSD


process 2507 started, version 5.2 (root at 12:33

Label 'startup' not found

[B1] Bundle: Interface ng0 created

mpd.conf:29: Incorrect context for: 'set bundle enable compression'

mpd.conf:31: Incorrect context for: 'set ccp yes mppc'

mpd.conf:32: Incorrect context for: 'set mppc yes e128'

mpd.conf:33: Incorrect context for: 'set bundle enable crypt-reqd'

mpd.conf:34: Incorrect context for: 'set mppc yes stateless'


And ive got a fealing that's it's because of this that it cannot connect..

And the odd thing is that all of those options weir copy/pasted out of the
sample file for mpd5!!!!






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On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 2:59 AM, Marcel Grandemange
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Does anybody know where I can find help for setting this up.

I have used both mpd4 and mp5 for client connections, but not inter-office
You just install and configure. It's not so complicated if you read the
sample configuration file!


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