Using grep to search a repository

Aggelidis Nikos at
Tue Nov 11 10:21:50 PST 2008

Hi to all the list,

i have a project with a lot of bash scripts in a folder hierarchy.I
haven't wrote the project myself so many times i have to search for
the definition of a function. For this purpose i decided to use grep
The problem is that the project is an svn repository... so grep
returns results from .svn and it is really messes up the outcome of
grep. I tried bypassing the problem using the `--exclude=file_pattern'
but since its use is for files not directories it doesn't work.... So
the questions are:

1) Can i bypass certain directories{i.e. '.svn' or 'log/'}, using
grep? {or a combination of tools + grep}

2) Is there any other tool you would use for this job?

thanks in advance for your help,

PS: if it matters i prefer using gnu grep.

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