qmail on debian to qmail on freebsd

Dan dan at ourbrains.org
Tue Nov 11 08:31:33 PST 2008

Sollunga S(sollunga at yahoo.com)@2008.11.11 04:32:08 -0800:
> Hi all 
> Greetings to all, this is my first time installation of freebsd, i am going to use this installation for my mail server obviously qmail+ldap. I have a bit of fear to go ahead on it, can anyone clarify please?
> Previous Qmail installation is on debian 3.x and the installation is based on http://www.shupp.org/toaster/,
> Now i want to move to a better hardware and ofcourse updated user friendly and uptodate?OS. here i opted for freebsd and qmail 1.03 along with this i want to meet users addressbook issue, so i thought of going behind ldap and mysql, (guide me if i am wrong). My doubts are earlier?the Mailbox and the?cleartext vpasswd are bit scaring me, so i would like to use mysql in place without?disturbing any of the users?mail addresses, ( i have close to 32gb of data's in mailbox's and some mailing list+forwards). also would like to procure password change option securely. How can i make this migration smoothly with the help of freebsd?
> please

Why would you want Mailbox over Maildir is beyond me. I've used
qmail-ldap from nrg4u.com with excellent results before. Why would
anyone would use a relational database over LDAP for email acct storage
is also beyond me. It just does not make any sense once you realize
LDAP's advantages.

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