hundred files to tar and untar

David Kelly dkelly at
Mon Nov 10 07:19:32 PST 2008

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 08:10:36AM -0500, chloe K wrote:
> Hi 
>   I have hundred files to tar
>   How can I make tar the file but untar in different folder?
>   eg:
>   tar cvf html.tar /var/web/data/verion/cc.html
>   untar html.tar /var/web/data/root/cc.html
>   Thank you

RTFM. Specifically look at the -C option.

Or you could do it the simple way (note parenthesis, the cd only applies
within the parenthesis, when the command clompletes your shell is back
to the original directory):

(cd /var/web/data/verion/cc.html ; tar -cvf <somewhere>/html.tar * )
(cd /var/web/data/root/cc.html   ; tar -xvf <somewhere>/html.tar   )

The above does not store the path prefix in the tar archive, which is
perhaps the problem you were trying to solve?

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