Sluggish scheduling during a long disk copy

Kris Kennaway kris at
Sun Nov 9 14:11:47 PST 2008

Dan wrote:
> Kris Kennaway(kris at 12:57:16 -0800:
>>> could be an issue with ntfs-3g driver
>> Sounds like it to me.  ntfs-3g uses FUSE, which is a userland filesystem  
>> framework.  By design it will have poor I/O performance since every I/O  
>> transfer will require multiple trips into and out of the kernel.
> The FS performance isn't the issue, the poor interactive performance is.

If you're thrashing your system with too many context switches or I/O 
load it is expected that performance will suffer.  You should do some 
additional investigation with the standard monitoring tools (top, 
vmstat, gstat, etc) to determine what your system is doing.


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