UFS2 limits

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Sun Nov 9 10:58:15 PST 2008

Erik Trulsson writes:

>  > 	Question (for anyone who has an informed opinion):
>  > 	If there any technical reason that couldn't be expanded to 32
>  > bits?  Or is it possible but not done for historical or
>  > policy reasons, and if so what are they?
>  It probably could be expanded to 32 bits if that was deemed
>  useful.  Doing that would of course require re-creating any
>  existing filesystems since the on-disk format would change, which
>  would be a PITA for users, but certainly possible.

	I seem to remember at least one case (3.x -> 4.0 ????) where a
major version change had no upgrade path - to get the new stuff you
had to reinstall.
	But I agree there's no reason based on current evidence to do

				Robert Huff

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