FreeBSD network ISP provider

Pieter Donche Pieter.Donche at
Sun Nov 9 02:24:51 PST 2008

I installed FreeBSD 7.0 already on a system at my office (from CDs)
and set up internet connection while installing using the office LAN
(and its DHCP service).

I installed FreeBSD also on my laptop at home (with no network connection). 
(with X windows; startx gives me twm ..)
I want to install KDE3 from /usr/ports/x11/kde3
Tried as described: # cd /usr:ports/x11:kde3; make install clean
I had hoped everything necessary would be found in the disk.
But not: It returns errors because it tried to fetch packages from ftp
sites ... an soon stops..

So I still need Internet connection?

At home, I have an Internet connection via a Broadband Modem and an 
account at an Internet Service Provider. 
This was set up in WindowsXP succesfully (with IP 10.0.0.something,
netmask, no gateway, 2 DNS server IP addresses provided
by the ISP). When making the connection to my ISP I have to enter my 
username at the ISP provider (username at PROVIDERNAME) and my password)

But how do I set up that in FreeBSD ??

In the Post-installation section during Setup, at the question
'Would you like to configure any Ethernet or SLIP/PPP network devides?)
answering Yes shows the correct on-board netwerk interface (Broadcom 
BCM570xx PCI Gigabit ethernet card)

I tried DHCP, but no success (which was to expect)
Then I get the screen to fill in Host, Domain, Gateway, Name server
IPv4 address, netmask ...

What do I have to enter (Name server, netmask I can guess)
for IP?, host?, domain?
and where will come in my  username/password for my ISP connection

Thanks for hints.
Is there any document describing such a connection?


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