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Fri Nov 7 11:34:16 PST 2008

On Fri, 07 Nov 2008 19:37:21 +0100, Frank Staals <frankstaals at> wrote:
> Well not realy solution for the problem you mentioned. But if you have a 
> bit of a programming background you may want to take a look at TeX/LaTeX 
> for you documents. I know it may be like using a cannon to kill a fly 
> but I prefer writing my documents in my basic-text editor using  TeX 
> much rather than in a a word-like application.

A big advantage is that LaTeX source files are plain text, so they
can be transferred between systems without problems. Furthermore,
you don't need a particular program to read a file.

> Besides that it looks a 
> lot better IMO.

>From the standpoint of typography LaTeX is superior to any WYSIWYG
word processor. Why? Because it's a professional typesetting system.
Hyphenation, paragraph setting, picture adjustment and other things
tha are important are handled correctly. The support for other
languages (e. g. German) is excellent.

> Might be something to look into if you are not realy 
> satisfied with word-processors.

An alternative to use the power of LaTeX without needing to know
about the macros is to use LyX. But using LaTeX itself is much

The difference between LaTeX and the usual wprd processors is like
the difference between HTML (created by hand) and the crap that
comes out of authoring systems and CMSs.

I'm doing most of my stuff with LaTeX: Letters (dinbrief class),
technical documentation, statistics (in combination with gnuplot),
books (stories), lists and forms. When you're familiar with
LaTeX, you won't want to miss it, because you can work faster
*and* get better results than anyone with the usual "Word" skills,
clickity click, nyak nyak, blah blah. :-)

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