Hardware Raid + hot-replace failed disk

Frank Bonnet f.bonnet at esiee.fr
Fri Nov 7 01:09:54 PST 2008

Pieter Donche wrote:
> Suppose you have a system with multiple disks managed by a
> hardware RAID controller in a RAID5 of RAID6 configuration,
> To FreeBSD it will look like e.g. a single large drive.
> If you want to extend your disk space by plugging in an extra
> disk, the hardware RAID controller will probably detect it and
> add it in his management, but will it be seen by FreeBSD?
> How can you make the added disk-space available for FreeBSD.
> Can this be done without shutting down the system? How??

I think this would be possible using vinum, but I've never tested it.

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