flexible install.cfg url from kernel parameters

Harm Weites harm at weites.com
Thu Nov 6 14:31:54 PST 2008

Hi all,

in an effort to create a jumpstart/kickstart-like environment for easy
OS deployment i, ofcourse, ran into install.cfg for FreeBSD. It works
great, but since it requires a modified image (with an inserted
install.cfg file) it's not a great option. It even needs a BSD box or
CentOS with plus kernel to access the ufs filesystem inside the image...

Is there any effort beeing done to allow for a more convenient way to
load the install.cfg? Say, like linux does with kickstart/preseed files?
Just fill in some weblocation as kernel parameter and you're done :)

I would suspect this beeing coded in sysinstall somewhere, or perhaps

Any suggestions/help is appreciated.



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