what is your programming language on freebsd?

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Thu Nov 6 10:28:01 PST 2008

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> Subject: what is your programming language on freebsd?
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> Date: Thursday, November 6, 2008, 11:10 AM
> Hi there,
> Earlier I was asking for some help getting XSP/ mod_mono on
> FreeBSD. I
> may be asking in the wrong mailing list, but my impression
> is that mono
> on FreeBSD is generally not a popular idea.

I am not sure what leads you to believe that.  Mono in general isn't as popular as, say, GNU's compiler collection.  That said, it runs just fine on FreeBSD.  There are motivated folks working to get more ports added, such as for monodevelop.  

There's a google group for this, though, it's called bsd-sharp.  You may want to try there if you have problems related to Mono on FreeBSD and there aren't any helpful answers forthcoming on the seemingly-appropriate freebsd.org list.  

> To pose my questions to the developers in the FreeBSD
> community:
> 1. What programming language(s) do you deploy on FreeBSD?

I've worked with C, Perl, C# (mono), and Ruby.  

There are very few programming languages that you can't use to write code that is intended to run on FreeBSD.  Most of these are anachronistic languages that no longer serve a useful purpose on any reasonably modern system, having been defunct for 20 or more years.  

> 2. Is FreeBSD more optimised in performance for any
> particular language?

No more than any other OS.  Some languages may be better optimized than others, but you can't really optimize an OS to a language.  

> 3. Is FreeBSD even a popular choice as a development
> platform, or is it
> better suited as a special-purpose OS (eg. mail server, DNS
> server)?

FreeBSD is a fine development platform.  In fact, it offers some things that developers like that other systems don't have.  kqueue is very nice, and there are also little things such as the reallocf() function that are helpful as well.  

- mdh


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