7.1-BETA2 installation on ASUS P4S8X fails BIG MEDIUM ERROR

kuku kuku at kukulies.org
Wed Nov 5 13:11:33 PST 2008

Jeremy Chadwick schrieb:
>> acd0: FAILURE - READ BIG MEDIUM ERROR asc=0x21 ascq=0x00
>> (asc=0x21 at this time FWIW).
> This won't help you get FreeBSD installed any quicker, but it will give
> you some insight to what the error messages mean.
> ATAPI essentially uses SCSI commands but over an ATA bus, which is why
> atapicam(4) exists (which is what's giving you the xpt_* errors).  The
> problem is that not all drives are created equal, so some behave
> differently to certain commands than others.
> ASC and ASCQ are, in layman's terms, "error codes" with added degrees of
> granularity.  ASC = Additional Sense Code, ASCQ = Additional Sense Code
> Qualifier.  These are fairly well-documented all over the web, and per
> T10 specifications.  Looking at a chart, specifically noting errors that
> are for CD (MMC) devices, we find:
> ASC 0x11, ASCQ 0x00 == Unrecovered Read Error
> ASC 0x21, ASCQ 0x00 == Logical Block Address (LBA) Out of Range
> Your first reaction will be "So does this mean I have a bad CD?", and
> the answer is "not necessarily".  It could be that the drive does not
> support the commands FreeBSD expects available to read a CD in this
> particular fashion.  But it could also be a badly burned CD, or a
> CD burned with buggy software.
> If at all possible, try another CD drive of some kind.  Get one from a
> friend, borrow one, or buy one.  People have had good experiences with
> Plextor and Pioneer drives, while recent Samsung drives have been
> hit-or-miss.

I'm now at home at a different burner but I probably don't have a 
different CD recording software other than cdrecord
available. that's Windows XP BTW, under which I burnt that CDs. I could 
prbably boot an older (4.x) FreeBSD
on that machine but that would be CD record, too. Medium is also a 80 
min 700 MB CD. Weren't they  650 MB in earlier times actually?
Earlier times I mean, when I still had my FreeBSD subscription and got 
each release in a neat CD set :-)

Oh well, I will give it another try and see how it works out.



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