Is KDE4 usable on FreeBSD?

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Wed Nov 5 05:24:36 PST 2008

Am Mon, 3 Nov 2008 12:38:30 -0400
schrieb Thomas Abthorpe <tabthorpe at>:

> I submit to the court of pulic opinion that KDE4 *IS* stable on FreeBSD. I 
> would encourage you to check out the following resources

while it may be supposed to be stable - it is, in my opinion, unusable.

i tried to use it for several months now, and yesterday got happily
divorced - our cohabitation did last for more than 8 years - and
turned to xfce4.

most annoying behaviour was:

 - used to freeze the desktop, panels, window-manager completely after
ldap-server went away, no matter how long it was unreachable (i.e. a
restart was enough). i think this has something to do with
nsswitch.conf/libnss_ldap and dbus .. but xfce also use dbus, and here
are no freezes ..

 - on my old (pentium3 i think) workstation at work, it used to freeze
desktop etc. completely, as soon as the system load went above
~1.5, due to compiling e.g., now with xfce there is a notable
slowdown, but it is still possible to work 

 - after starting a java swing or applet application, desktop etc.
freezes for several minutes 

 - after browser hung due to flash/npviewer.bin problem, desktop etc.
freezes for several minutes 

 - startup took as long as it usually only takes for windoze systems
(several minutes)

conclusion: it was no longer possible to work, that is why i regard
kde4 as completely unusable, at least on older systems.


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