virtual consoles on freebsd-7.0-release

joeb joeb at
Mon Nov 3 23:44:56 PST 2008

	When I am in xorg/xfce and do Ctrl+Alt+Fx it does in fact open the selected
virtual console.
But I can not find any way to return to the xorg/xfce desktop running in the
virtual console I left from.
 Alt+Fx does take me to the virtual console where x11/xfce is suppose to be,
but puts me in command line mode.
The command ps ax shows xorg/xfce is still running.

How do I get back to the xorg/xfce desktop running in the virtual console I
left from?

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The Ghost wrote:
>I migrated to freensd-7.0-release and noticed that I can't switch to the
>virtual consoles by pressing Alt+Fx once I've started X ! I guess the key
>combination has changed in the nre version of Xorg implemented in FreeBSD
>7.0, so I took a look at the online handbook, but I haven't found anything
>about the new way to switch to the virtual consoles... Could anyone please
>point me at what do I miss?..
>                                            The Ghost <the-ghost at>
Have you tried Ctrl+Alt+Fx? Alt alone has never gone to a virtual
console from X for me, on any system.


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