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Mon Nov 3 07:28:58 PST 2008

> Thanks for this. I was looking at ZFS and I am impress with what I read, 
> unfortunately no AMD 64 and I only have 1Gig Ram.

I can tell you I'm using ZFS on an i386 desktop with 1 GB RAM and it
is working flawlessly after some tuning, more specifically:

# For ZFS

in /boot/loader.conf.local

Today it finished the compilation
successfully (after 1 day and 14:42:21). Before tuning the options
I have, there were some problems and the machine used to hang after
some 3 or 4 hours of compilation but from the moment I added the
options on I didn't have a single crash of the machine.
So maybe you could still give it a try...? (-;

Michal Petrucha

> Thanks again.
> Regards
> Brent Clark

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