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Brent Clark brentgclarklist at
Mon Nov 3 07:19:32 PST 2008

John Nielsen wrote:
> If you replace "raid5" with "redundancy and n-1 capacity" then you could 
> also look at geom_raid3, which is much simpler to configure than gvinum 
> and also part of the base system. Additionally, FreeBSD 7.x has 
> experimental support for ZFS (again in the base system and not in ports). 
> That includes raidz, which is designed to have all of the good features 
> of raid5 and none of the bad. I use it and it works well but you will 
> need to do some reading and some manual tuning of your system. You'll 
> also want a system with plenty of RAM and preferrably running 
> FreeBSD-amd64 (vs FreeBSD-i386).
> If you want to look in to RAID1 or RAID1+0 see geom_mirror and 
> geom_stripe, also in the base system.
> JN


Thanks for this. I was looking at ZFS and I am impress with what I read, 
unfortunately no AMD 64 and I only have 1Gig Ram.

Thanks again.

Brent Clark

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