Broken quoting (was Re: XFCE4)

Jonathan McKeown jonathan+freebsd-questions at
Mon Nov 3 06:53:47 PST 2008

On Monday 03 November 2008 16:17:20 Bob McConnell wrote:

[Jonathan to joeb via freebsd-questions]
> > I don't know whether it's you or your email client, but your quoting
> > is hideously broken. Please fix it.
> It's his email client. Microsoft Lookout will no longer do standard
> quoting and forces top posting of replies. I am also required to use it
> by our IT department policies and have to manually reformat each message
> I reply to. There used to be an option that could be set to get angle
> bracket quoting, but that disappeared in the update from MS-Office 2000
> to 2003.
> The top line, "-----Original Message-----", is the clue that he is using
> the Microsoft client. That is its standard separator for all replies.
> Yes, it is a major pain. I really do prefer Thunderbird.

I'm used to seeing the original message starting with its headers in the 
Outlook style - that's not what's confusing me here.

joeb, I don't mean to be rude but I find your posts hard to read (and I've 
seen others comment so as well), because instead you somehow end up with the 
original headers AFTER the original message, which is unexpected, and your 
response after that again - looking as though it belongs to the original 
header block.

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